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All God's People

All God's People is a weekly news video highlighting the people of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The Pacific Union includes the states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.

  1. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” August 17, 2018 Episode 212


    For one special evening every August, Eagle Rock Church becomes a magnet that draws community members together with the National Night Out Block Party. It's a time for the church and its neighbors to get to know each other, share food, games, prizes, and fellowship as, together, they seek for a better and safer community. Congratulations, Eagle Rock! What a great way to show a community you care.

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    We've all been concerned and praying about the wildfires in California. The Adventist members in Redding, California, have responded to those fires in a powerful and much-appreciated way.

    During the first weekend of August, churches in the Northern California Conference rallied to support those affected by the Carr fires. At Redding Adventist Academy, over 60 community and Adventist church members from around the area gathered to set up an expanded God’s Closet clothing giveaway in the school gym. On Sunday, August 5, 420 people, including victims of the Carr fire, walked through the gym doors to receive clothing for their families.

    There are so many ways in which can make the love of God more tangible to our neighbors and communities.

    Watch a short and inspiring film about God's Closet:


    The beginning of the new school year is just around the corner—and soon our schools across the Pacific Union will be welcoming their students back for another great year. We are very proud of what is being achieved in our schools—and are particularly grateful for the innovative and groundbreaking programs found in our academies.

    Students at Sacramento Adventist Academy and a handful of other Adventist schools around the country have partnered with an initiative called FIRST that teaches leadership skills through hands-on activities involving science, math, and technology. A new video from Church Support Services explores why students and teachers alike are captivated by this program.

    Watch the video:

    The stories this week on All God's People are reminders of how very grateful we should be for God's love and care, for the ministry of our churches and schools, and for how the love of Jesus brings us together. Even though we are spread out across a very large Union, we are still one big family of God!

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  2. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” August 10, 2018 Episode 211


    Nearly 5,500 Adventist Teachers and Educators gathered in Chicago this week for the 2018 NAD Teachers Convention—including more than 950 from the Pacific Union. Every six years, the North American Division hosts a national teachers convention—and the 2018 Teacher's Convention was in Chicago this week.

    There were more than 375 workshops presented at the Teacher's Convention, so there were many, many opportunities to learn and grow.

    The opportunity to worship together with one another is an important part of events like this. La Sierra University Chaplain, Sam Leonor, was the morning worship speaker for the convention. On Monday morning, the Pacific Union Conference was responsible for the hosting the morning worship and included three teachers from the Pacific Union who have parents within the leadership of our school system.

    Dr. von Pohle and Elder Graham both affirmed what this event means for our schools and our ministry as a church. Watch this week's episode of All God's People to watch interviews with attendees! Learn more about Adventist Education in the Pacific Southwest via the link below.

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    Psalm 119:33, says, "Teach Me, Lord!" A simple but meaningful prayer for All God's People.

  3. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” August 3, 2018 Episode 210


    We have all been concerned about the fires in California—and the possible impact on our churches, schools, and members. Both Camp Wawona in Yosemite, the summer camp operated by the Central California Conference, and Pine Springs Ranch near Idyllwild, the summer camp operated by the Southeastern California Conference, have been forced to close as a result of fires near them. Please continue to pray for those impacted by these fires!

    Update on Carr Fire:

    Update on Cranston Fire:

    Update on Ferguson Fire:


    From a YouTube viral sensation at age 4, to acting and playing drums in the hit movie “I Can Only Imagine,” 19-year-old Cole Marcus is living God’s love every day. Raised in the South Bay Adventist church in Redondo Beach, California, Cole is as comfortable teaching Sabbath School and playing drums in the praise band as he is on the movie set. Ready to give up acting at age 18 because the roles he was offered didn’t fit his Christian values, he landed the part of Robby the drummer in the movie “I Can Only Imagine” – the Christian film grossed $70 million in its first 3 weeks and made a huge impact on audiences. Read Cole’s whole story in the July Recorder.

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    Did your church participate in a Vacation Bible School this year? The new curriculum, Vacation Bible Xperience “Sea of Miracles,” was created by the Southeastern California Conference in partnership with the NAD Children's Ministries Department. It is available from AdventSource and is being used across the North American Division. This wonderful program shows children the power of Jesus' love and what it means for us. Each day at Sea of Miracles kids explore Galilee during Jesus’ time and are nurtured in a growing relationship with Him. We are so proud of what the Children's Ministries team in Southeastern has accomplished with this program.

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    Earlier this year we had a story about "Youth Rush," the summer Literature Evangelism ministry engaging 290 students in 25 locations across our Union. These young people have been working in our communities, with the goal of bringing health, healing, and hope to people through life-changing resources and personal evangelism. With more than half of the summer behind them, they are inspired by what they have been seeing and doing—and by being used by God to be witnesses for his kingdom.

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  4. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” July 27, 2018 Episode 209

    NCC Hosts "Summer on the Run" at California Campmeeting

    Earlier this week during Redwood Campmeeting, Northern California Conference Youth Ministries hosted "Summer on the Run"—a program that takes all the fun of camp to kids that may not be able to attend the regular summer camp this summer.

    The NCC team and local volunteers interact with church and community kids to have fun with them, mentor them, introduce them to the local Adventist church and share the love of Jesus with them. What a great idea—congratulations to their entire ministry team.

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    Soquel Completes 70th Year of Campmeeting

    Central California Campmeeting at Soquel just completed their 70th Anniversary Campmeeting – from July 12-22! Congratulations on a wonderful anniversary event! There are lots more photos and video—and recordings of the presentations on their website. Click below to see more!

    Watch the Facebook LIVE videos:

    Watch Soquel Campmeeting on Vimeo:

    Adventist Health Launches "Together Inspired" Podcast

    Adventist Health recently launched “The Together Inspired Podcast.” The inaugural podcast features Adventist Health CEO Scott Reiner sharing his personal testimony, and much more. The podcast host, Pastor Alex Bryan, talks with Adventist Health leaders and associates about living God's love by inspiring health, wholeness, and hope.

    Available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and at:

  5. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” July 20, 2018 Episode 208

    NUC Hosts Pathfinder & Adventurer Camporee in Ogden, Utah

    They left their cell phones in the city, forgot about fast food for a few days, and ditched their digital devices for the outdoors. They pitched their tents, rolled out their sleeping bags, and set up camp under the sun, moon, and stars. They participated in arts & crafts activities, practiced outdoors survival skills, paced with precision for drill competition, and paraded through the park to begin Sabbath worship. “They” are the Nevada-Utah Conference Pathfinder and Adventurer families. Over 450 children, teens, and adults enjoyed a weekend of worship and fellowship at Fort Buenaventura Park in Ogden, Utah. Daily activities for Adventurers included singing, science projects, art & crafts, and games. Pathfinders participated in marching and drilling exhibitions, orienteering races, campfire afterglow, and team building games.
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    Interview with Associate Director for the Center for Research on K-12 Adventist Education (CRAE)
    It is always a privilege for us to tell the stories of the good things happening in our schools, and we were very interested in some research that is being done that looks at the impact that the faith and religious practice of parents has on the kind of educational experiences they seek for their children.
    Aimee Saesim Leukert, associate director for the Center for Research on K-12 Adventist Education (CRAE) at La Sierra University and a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University is seeking to understand this issue. In her research, Leukert is exploring the relationship between religiosity with the component of culture and school choice.
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    Northern California Conference President Jim Pedersen Retires

    After almost 42 years of service to the church, Northern California Conference President Jim Pedersen retires on July 31. Elder Jim Pedersen, longtime President of the Northern California Conference, spent his entire career here in the Pacific Union, as a Pastor in Southern California, and as Pastor and Administrator in Northern California. Thank you for your service, Jim—and may God be with you in your retirement.
    Read the article (page 44-45) at:

    A Tribute to the Haystack Tradition

    We learned recently of the death of Sister Ella May Hartlein, who is thought to be the creator of the Haystack—the quintessential potluck, picnic, and pathfinder favorite for Adventists across North America.
    There are many different ways one can assemble a haystack. Like the differences in haystacks, one of the best things about being an Adventist is the experience of coming together with diverse groups of people to worship and fellowship in unity. How wonderful it is that we can come together in our shared hope and faith. There is unity in our diversity, and the fellowship of the family of God in celebrating the many ways we are blessed by His grace.
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  6. Pacific Union “All God’s People,” July 13, 2018 Episode 207


    In the Riverside, California neighborhood, a new kind of thrift store is promoting wellness in the community. The Wellness Warehouse offers household items (such as clothing and furniture) priced 25 to 70 percent less than at other thrift stores. In addition to the thrift store, the Wellness Warehouse offers a growing list of social services, including grocery boxes and food aid, anonymous counseling designed to help discover additional social needs that can be met—and long-term assistance in the form of classes in English as a Second Language. This thrift store is partnering with other organizations to help meet needs.

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    Refugees and immigrants with bona fide education and skills are facing challenges getting good jobs in their new homelands because of inaccessible educational and employment records, and a new app—A4Ed—is addressing this need. The team, whose designers include two individuals with roots at Pacific Union College—recently won a $30,000 first place award in the 2018 SIPA Dean’s Public Policy Challenge Grant.

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    Northern California boarding school Rio Lindo Academy produced a beautiful video during this last school year. The music video was created as a joint effort between the Lindaires, their choir, and the school's video production class. The song, which symbolizes the final reunion between believers and God, was filmed on the academy's campus.

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